Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Feeling a bit crook

Bleurgh...... that's how I feel.......

Both me and the littlest of the little ones has been ill since Saturday. I think I did fantastically well at pulling off a party for my daughter on Sunday, and her brother was a star because he managed not to throw up (proper projectile Family Guy style) until everyone had gone. 

Luckily the birthday girl hasn't been ill, so one of us at least feels the full ticket - it's just a shame I can't get her to cook an evening meal; well, 7 is a little young for that although I'm sure she could manage to get us a bowl of cereal each if pushed.

The milestone 7th birthday has inspired me to offer her pocket money too, but I'm sure that's just a passing idea brought on by lack of food and a fuddled brain.  She'll have to do chores for it of course and luckily she got a new money box for her birthday so I shall encourage her to save half of the magnificent sum of £2 I am offering.  We'll see how that goes.

Tonight should be dance practice night but I feel a bit weak and shivery so that may not happen - I shall miss the company and the laughing, won't miss the lunges, sit-ups, press-ups and associated pain that will no doubt linger in my achey limbs. 

And as today is the night we have to trot off to a dodgy pet-shop in order to buy two goldfish for the classy Ariel tank that now adorns the kitchen I might just sit at home and watch them go round and round in the tank until the queasiness wears off - or will that just add to it?

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