Being a Parent

I have two children, a girl of eight and a boy of 3.

Motherhood is a desire that came to me late in life.  Many things come to me later than those around me I find.  I am still unsure whether this is due to me, or due to the fateful nature of things.  And although I shouldn't have to say this I will - being a single parent was not a choice I ever thought I'd have to make.  But living alone with the children was the best thing I ever decided to do, despite how frightened I was at the time.

Having two small children to care for means that I don't get to make as many things as I would like as most of my productivity happens once they've gone to bed.   It also means that I don't get to practice dancing as much as I should.

But I do love to share creativity with them.  My daughter is a great artist, she loves to draw and paint most of all, and I love being able to introduce her to new things, new ideas, new artists as her interests and abilities blossom.

She also sings wonderfully and every day.  She hates to be constrained with her singing, so my attempts to get her to join the school choir have not gone down well.  Sometimes I hope that she will utilize this talent properly and fully, so that I can be the adoring mother who when interviewed says, "Oh yes, she was always singing, from the moment she got up to the moment she went to bed."

My son?  He likes many things but above all his sense of fun and humour stands out.  The way he giggles when something strikes him as funny.  He had a joke when he was around 6 months old; he would make a big play of getting ready to say, "Aaaa-choo!" and we would all laugh, not just to humour him but because he was genuinely funny.

My children are both my greatest fans and my greatest critics.  I may not have enough hours in the day, but I do have them (for now.....)