Sunday, 4 May 2014


I have some new pretties to show you.

assemblage jewelry

Here's all of them plus a few others, all at once!  I love to display them in this way, it's so sumptuous, and it's a great way to use my Assuit scarf as a prop.

altered turkoman pendant

This is the big momma of the clutch.  An altered and be-dangled Turkoman pendant, with the addition of a pyrite, smokey quartz, pearl, glass and crystal necklace.

assemblage jewelry

One of two hematite scarf clip necklaces.  On both I couldn't resist adding extra dangles and the one above is a mixture of apatite and labradorite and other sea-green stones.

This one, although similar has coins and fluorites, kyanites and glass.

assemblage jewelry

A sparkling brooch as the main accent.

tribal dance jewelry

Metal, labradorite, smokey quartz, pyrite, glass, freshwater pearls.

tribal belly dance jewelry

Titaniumm doused points and matching rondelles with copper.  This one is reserved already.

serene jewelry

A serene Buddha pendant with a mixture of light tones beads.

vintage brooch

My absolute favourite was quite rightly put on reserve.  This piece is 6 pieces combined and it is soooo sparkly it's almost a crime.

All of these pieces are up on my FB page at the moment, and you should snap one up whilst you're there as once I do the extra edits needed and they're up on my website the price will increase by a teeny bit.

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