Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Silver Linings

When the world is grey what I need is a little sunshine.

There you go, in these dark and dingy and rainy days you need a little blue sky.  Well I do, just for a while.

Hopefully, if I've any photographic skill (I use that term loosely) at all, it''s in finding a moment when it looks as though there was no-one else there at all.  

This is as good as I can get for the photo of the bay....

No it's not!

This is on the evening we took the kids down to the beach (me and the other singlies) and let them play in the water until dark-o-clock.

Hello to the couple who were quite happily swimming alone until we let our monsters in.

Anyway, I'm already looking forward to our holiday this year in exactly that place.

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