Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

For some reason I had gone off the boil when it came to making tribal fusion belly dance costumes in the last couple of years.  Actually, I think a bunch of stuff had happened, not least that I moved home due to relationship breakdown and I've had to shift my ideas about a lot of things in my life.

Anyhow....after making a conscious decision in the last month to re-embrace the whole sphere of creating costumes for dancers I re-vamped my Blackwillow Tribal website and I'n currently re-assessing my supplies and then this week this happened:

It's the most opulent headdress I've made yet, dripping with beads and metal and feathers.  I'm definitely going to be making more of these and once I get another stash of coins and stuff I shall make an accompanying costume.

The other things that happened this week was that I got myself a new patroness - I had a long email conversation with her this week and she wants to send me some of her stash of goodies so that I can play with them for her and make lots of new things.  She's already bought some jewelry from the shop and she want MOAR!  I love it when a customer sees jewellery as art.

There's also a new costume waiting to be discussed with the awesome Lily Devla, a most passionate and engaging woman and dancer.  I'm looking forward to getting together with her again for that project.

And so now the weekend, I hope, is given over to the opulence of romanticised 20's style headdresses.  Given that the weather is less than inspiring outside I might as well cosy up and get making.

And I have had a music epiphany - after struggling for months to find music I like to listen to and could imaging myself dancing to I am smack bang in the middle of a gorgeous Soundcloud, currently listening to Jeff Stott.