Monday, 25 July 2011

Crystal Headdresses #2

So here's some of what I made at the weekend - just simple band headdresses from chandelier beads - the time consuming bit was making sure all the links were in the same direction and bending the wire in so that the beads won't come apart -plus ensuring there are no "snaggy" bits to get caught on hair.

There are some more of these to come, with more elaborate drapes...

And whilst I was in a slightly Medieval mood I added some beads and drops to some pendant necklaces I made this weekend too.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crystal Headdresses

I have a huge bag of old chandelier crystals so today I am having a go at making gorgeous crystal headdresses.  My fingers are a little....ragged shall we say from wiring them together, but sometimes my pain is your beauty!
Obviously the next task will be to photograph them and do them justice, but for now I'll just keep on making and we'll see what happens.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Internet Dating

For almost a year now I've been single.  Pretty happy with being single as I've got more than enough to do what with the kids and making stuff and getting it all up on Etsy and everything else.

But recently my mind has turned to the possibility of meeting someone new, someone who would add  a little extra to my life.... However - the big catch is that I don't really go out much (I know, very sad).  I get to go out with friends about once a month and other than that I'm at toddler groups, volunteering or at belly dance events and to be fair there are very few single, eligible men at any of those places!

So my option - Internet dating.  Gulp.  But surely (I told myself) there must be reasonable men who use those sites?  Nice men who like myself don't get much opportunity to get out and who aren't complete saddoes, who would like to meet someone, chat a bit, meet up maybe, see what happens?  After all, if you meet someone in a bar or at a party you effectively know nothing about them and you have to take a bit of time to see what develops.  Surely finding a date via the wonders of the Interwebs is pretty much the same so long as you're careful?

After choosing a picture that wasn't provocative or taken too long ago I took a deep breath and joined a couple of sites.  Added some profile information and then away we go.....

Oh yes.  Away we go to the land of a million ice-breaker messages where it's obvious that the man sending it hasn't read my profile at all.  Away to the land of, "Cor, you look lovely, fancy a flirt?"  Er no, say hi first please.  "Hi babe, fancy a chat?"  Ok, so at least that one said hi first but......     Sigh....already I'm feeling jaded and as though this might be a mistake.  But hey, can't fall at the first fence.

Five months down the line and it's all pretty much the same.  Until I got a couple of messages from men who had actually read my profile, who lived not too far away but seemed to live far away enough for them to have to put some proper effort into being a stalker.  Who actually engaged in a bit of email chit chat and banter before suggesting we meet up.

Tentatively I agreed (well, after all, they looked quite attractive and the picture might not be of them, the profile might be made up nonsense - just because I'm honest doesn't mean they are) and so made arrangements with friends that they would be at the venue (lurking in a corner) should we actually fix a date and a time.

But relax folks, after almost going on a date with a lunatic I managed to rescue myself at the last minute due to both men being unable to restrain themselves any longer and sending me emails detailing the size of their *equipment*.  Really chaps, too much information.  All possible dates cancelled, dating site profile removed, back to making pretty things for Etsy!

How quickly I change my mind....

So as I love blogging I've decided not to let this lapse after all - I'll just pop in here every now and again and use it like a diary.....xx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Bye bye eBlogger....

I'm quite sad to go really, I like eBlogger.  I like the set-up, the ease of use - it feels friendly....

BUT.  I also like having things in one place.

So I'm off to pastures that are not as new as they were....and that I'm slowly getting my head around....

Make sure to come join me at the new Twinkle Twinkle Shiny Things blog.