Saturday, 14 January 2012

Headdress Sneek Peek

I made a couple of headdresses last night.  To be honest I'm not sure if they're finished yet, but I took some pictures anyway.  I might add some jewellery, I might not - I'll see how I feel when I sit down with them again on Sunday evening....

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Note to self, never plan........

So, this week was the week where I was (for the first time in three years) going to have a little free time.  My youngest was due to start his nursery place on Tuesday and I had a schedule worked out as to how I was going to spend that precious two and a half hours each day...draft some blog posts, do a little on-line networking via various fora, tweak this, photograph that......

Nope. Never plan.  Not for the first week of a change of routine anyway.

On Monday night my seven year old daughter came out of school looking decidedly pale, and crying that she didn't feel well.  We got home, she walked upstairs and then said, "I'm going to be sick."  And she was.  From the top of the stairs.

Once that was cleaned up and the two of them bathed and sorted for bed I got on with writing a blog post and chatting about it on Facebook.  Then my PC monitor died.  Properly couldn't be coaxed back into working died.

So the next day I took the PC to a PC mender to check the problem that I couldn't fix and juggled the difficulty of taking the littlest one to nursery and picking him up whilst having my daughter at home ill (I cannot thank my friend and neighbour M enough!).

Thankfully everyone is now well, the little one is enjoying nursery (although he cries every afternoon mid-session as he is wondering where I am) and today the PC was returned home along with a new monitor (which was the problem and I'm grateful that it wasn't a more difficult and expensive problem).

Frighteningly, as a stay at home works from home single parent I realised just how dependent I am on the interaction with the world I have via my PC.  I don't have a *smart phone* or a back-up lap-top or a tablet PC.  I probably need to get out more ;-)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to it!

So, the day approaches when my youngest child goes to nursery.  Today he braved his pre-school inoculations and although the concept of going to nursery is still a little hazy for him I'm hopeful that he'll enjoy himself - and that I'll get to use the time wisely!  In all I'll get two and half hours each day to create, craft, blog, promote, practice dance and prepare my classes so I think I need to set myself some kind of schedule in order to make the most of it.

He's ready for nursery - here's a picture of him with his depiction of "Small, Medium, Big".

And until I get some more items made and pictures done and posted I'll leave you with a link to a very crafty Blog, 1st Unique Gifts