Monday, 11 June 2012

Altered Things

To be fair I do mostly *alter* things when I'm making something - mostly old bits of jewellery that come into my possession that get taken apart and then made into something new.

But I've felt the need to try some new techniques and decided to have a go at making some domino pendants.  Did I have any dominoes in the house?  Nope and one day a couple of weeks ago it took me two hours to find some in town - all of the shops I thought would have some didn't and in the end I got some little black wooden ones and a box of cream plastic ones from a bookshop of all places.

I think I'm going to add a tutorial about these little babies soon so for now here's a pic of some of them under a bowl so that their coating of Glossy Accents doesn't pick up dust.

All of the vintage images I used were free and I played around with all of them in Pixlr to get some different effects.  They look a little cloudy here but that's due to the wet Glossy Accents.  I discovered the little hand tool I have isn't powerful enough to drill into the plastic dominoes so I shall have to stick a bail on them, but my smallest drill bit goes easily into the wooden dominoes and that's much more exciting as it means I can drill holes into the bottoms and add eye-pins and dangly bits for extra interest.  Once they're completely finished I shall definitely post some pics cos I'm really loving these.

Next up are some pics of two jars I *altered* over the weekend using stuff from my stash.  Once the base papers are on and dry it's just a case of imagination and glue-gun so they're a fast make.  Well, kind of fast!  The first one is light shades as I was going for a shabby chic look:

Again I used a free vintage image and stuff from my stash.  It's decorated all the way around but I'll save further pics for a tutorial...

And last of all is a Ganesha inspired jar as I like darker colours:

Again there are pics and some stamping all the way around this one.  

I love making these - it's my new favourite way to be creative and I shall be playing with these some more.  In fact I have some little bottles that I'm going to make into poison bottles....(not literally of course!)

And with that I shall leave you with lots more creativity - make sure to mosey on over to Handmade Monday and check out the lovely things people make. xx


  1. Oh, the jars and bottles are lovely - so pretty. And what a fabulous idea.

  2. I love the domino pendants- isn't it funny how difficult things are to find in the shops when you want them?!

  3. I love the pendants, I am cant wait for your tutorial on them, as I need to make them xx

  4. What gorgeous makes. I can see that these would be a lot of fun to make - no wonder it's youe new favourite way to be creative x

  5. I really like the idea for the dominoes. I can quite understand why adding extra bits on are exciting. I also like the jars - I slightly prefer the lighter one as I love the photo you have used on it although the red flower on the other does draw me in!

  6. That's a good way to use dominoes, wouldn't have thought of doing that! Lovely little jars.

  7. The domino pendants are really lovely.

  8. I love the vintage style and pictures you have used and really look forward to a tutorial. The light coloured jar is easily my favourite


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