Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Growing Things

At last!  The  sun is shining!  Hopefully it'll help some of the seedlings I have growing to have a spurt.  Today has been a great day for getting a few things planted out at last and now I have a large planter full of runner bean sprouts with some Black Eyed Susan plants and some pea sprouts that'll be tarted up by the sweet peas I put in the middle.

Unfortunately I've now run out of pots so I'm scratching my head about what to do with my tomato seedlings....I've got one tomato tumbler plant growing in a hanging basket but I've at least another 8 plants with no homes to go to.  Last year I grew some tomato plants in hessian bags but this year I don't have any so I really don't know what to do.

I've a couple of pepper plants that may or may not bear fruit at some point and I recall reading that they do better in smaller pots but again, I don't actually have anything to put them into at the moment.

I had some flower seedlings too that were potless and then after weeding my front garden I decided this evening to put the growing seedlings into the soil in the front garden in between the shrubs that are there.  And as I had a few bean seedlings left over with no-where to go I've stuck them into the front garden too.  If they take hold properly I'll put some sticks in next to them for them to grow up and they'll probably find themselves growing up the iron railings too.

So now I have potatoes, chard, carrots, spring onions, radishes, peas, beans, peppers, tomatoes and herbs growing in the back garden with edible flowers violas and nasturtiums growing too.  I've a couple of recycled containers ready to sow some salad seeds into as well tomorrow.

At the allotment I've planted potatoes, onions, carrots, chard, beetroot, radish, courgettes and some flowers.  And I've some space for a few other things so might do some secondary sowing and put some peas in up there as there are plenty of tree trimmings to use to protect them from the deer and to give them something to grow up.  As this is the first week for about a month that it hasn't rained for 72 hours a trip to the allotment is on the cards tomorrow afternoon.

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