Friday, 22 June 2012

Decorated Cigar Box

Last week I bought meself some old cigar boxes.  And old, sorry, vintage they are.  I lucked in with this particular lot as I paid for 5 cigar boxes and got 6 plus 3 wooden boxes that they came posted in.

Anyway - here's a semi-stripped box:

Once I'd gotten all of the original paper off (I would have kept it but it was peeling off) I decided to cover the box in some handmade paper that I've had in my stash for about 15 years (yes, I am a hoarder....)

The inside needed some work so I cut out a section of an old shoe box and covered it in felt and velvet.

It's at moments like this that I love my glue gun.

Once inserted I added a matching paper to the inside of the lid and then I added a square in lilac with silver embossing on it.  You can't see the the silver such is my photography (actually, I have another post in mind about that).

That was the inside sorted (ish).  Now for the outside.  Originally I had some Mucha pictures I was going to use but once I started cutting out and placing them on the surface they didn't seem to look right.  So I played around a bit and decided on a semi nude, a dance hall ticket, a random bit of ephemera and a moth....with some Mica on top.  And some flowers.  And a bit of vintage jewellery with a zebra print on it....

Once I opened the box up I decided it needed a bit more on the inside so I cut out some moths and butterflies and added them and then sprayed both the inside and the outside with my homemade mica/pearl spray.

Hopefully it'll all be dry enough tomorrow to put my domino pendants in for an event I'm vending at.  Might as well make it beautiful and useful to paraphrase William Morris.

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