Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Art For Art's Sake

There is a massive part of me, a huge and almost overwhelming part of me, that wants to indulge myself fully in the world of art.  Which means messing about endlessly with stuff.  Ephemera and kitsch, attempting to express myself via Lazertran and tiles, inkjet transfers, crazy quilting, altered art, collaging, doll making, scrapping and digi art....I want to try it all.

I need 48 hours in a day with the need for 2 hours sleep and no responsibilities inbetween.....

And so I am addicted, yes addicted to art-e-zine.  I cannot stop drinking it all in.  Some of it I turn away from run away from.  Other articles I drink in and feel drunk from looking.  And the list of things I want to try grows longer.  And inbetween I need to fit in my responsibilities, my loves and my life.  I have a short time in which to indulge myself and I have to stop procrastinating and let the Muse run free, unafraid of criticism and censorship.  I just have to be brave don't I?


  1. Mmm. So we, your faithful followers can expect to see some really special stuff in the future then, Hoping you wont chicken out. I am a bit selective like you, some I love other stuff I loathe. Seems to be no inbetween with me.

    1. Just knowing that someone is actually reading is enough to spur me on....thank you!

      Interestingly I've been dipping into pages at art-e-zine for some time and things I didn't like a couple of years ago I can look at with a different eye.... I think my biggest problem is letting go and creating with no fear of criticism or judgement....


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