Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spice Must Flow

Ahhhh, small children and what they find amusing......

After the recent butter experiments (yes, although I only blogged about it once there were more days when butter and kitchen implements were my sons favourite toys...) I could only wonder what was to come next.

My spice rack is what came next.....

There was no vehicle involved, he managed to climb up onto the kitchen side via the integral wine rack at the end of the kitchen.  I was unaware of this as I was downstairs putting some washing in and hanging further washing out.  When I got upstairs I saw him standing on the kitchen work surface, kitchen cabinets open, him with a big smile...."I cooking mummy."

This is what he had achieved...

It may not look like much, but the pot contained sea salt, and from what I can see he had added:
celery seeds

dried chilis
and had added a bit of bubble mixture for juiciness.......

I hope he puts these experiments to good use when he's older!

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