Friday, 25 March 2011

Necklaces and things that go deeper.......

So.  In my huge collection of stuff I have beads, bead wires, spacers, threads and all of the paraphenalia associated with jewelery making.  And every so often I am inspired to make something from this ever growing stash.  Here's a couple of pics of the stash...

So in the world of jewelery what is still really hot at the moment are necklaces made up of slightly incongruent elements.  The colours integrate but the necklace isn't symmetrical.  This is harder than it sounds to recreate properly and I strive to make something beautiful each time I create a wearable item.

I was too late in taking some proper pics this evening as the children were enjoying playing in the garden and with a river at the end of the garden that takes some supervising believe me.

But here are the quick pics of what I've done today:

When I was at school I wanted to go to art college and fully explore the artistic side of myself that I knew existed.  My parents, being more pragmatic, wanted something else for me and so I pursued a career working with people, that to their credit has stood me in good stead.

Now I get to pursue both of these avenues and that makes me very happy.


  1. Your post strung a cord with me. I am a high school art teacher and I can't tell you how many times my talented little artists are told by parents that they may not pursue art as a career. I was visited today by one of my ex-students that went against his parent's wishes. He is studying architecture and illustration at CCA. The first thing I saw was his huge smile peering through the door window. My hpoe is that my students will find a way back to what they love...just like you did.

  2. I'm glad I struck a chord with you. I can understand why my parents didn't think that art was a good career choice, and to be honest I am a starving artist trying to raise two children in difficult times. For the moment I can juggle everything...and I too hope that people every-where can find the creativity inside themselves...


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