Friday, 11 March 2011

The Belly Dance Extravaganza.....

This event to help celebrate Women's Week was a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening.  We had been asked to come and do a bit of teaching and performing at a bar in town.

Myself, Emma and Kat all got to wear our new stripey trousers (yay!) and taught a group of enthusiastic women how to belly dance.  (I'm on the far left below)

As with any event, it's hit and miss as to who will actually come, and in the end the 15 or so attendees fitted the available space beautifully.  There were a few faces that we knew, so I made them do some moves with added finger cymbals, just to tax them a little more than they would have liked.  I couldn't get any pics of them with the sagat (mores the pity) but they did really well!

Below are pics of the attendees (blurry enough for no-one to be recognisable!) and then underneath are some pics of the three of us performing.

The organiser of the event emailed to say thank you and also mentioned that the bar owners had said how much fun the event was and how relaxed everyone seemed and that that must be down to us!  Yay us!

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