Monday, 14 March 2011

Being Human

Not that I've watched it yet, possibly ever, but there's a US version of Being Human.  Sorry US readers, your version will NOT be a patch on the original.  It's something uniquely British, like Terry Pratchett (who has never yet translated well to the big screen, the delicacy of his wit does not seem to translate to movies well at all) and Douglas Adams (who did translate well).

Without giving things away I feel sure that the fourth series will delight and deliver.  I refuse to believe that the writers and collaborators of this superb drama series will disappoint us in the face of such obvious distress.

The last series has had me hold my breath for almost the full hour on more than one occasion, bite my hand (I thought only people in bad dramas did that but I DID do it - one of the cage fighting scenes as I recall), cry, laugh - a bit -  and admire actors/actresses I had no admiration for previous to their inclusion in Being Human.

Those that know wait with baited breath......

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