Sunday, 20 February 2011

New things....

I have almost got a new headdress finished tonight, another one that has gorgeous jewellery drapes and some stand-out flowers.  No feathers on this one, but don't worry feather fans, some more of those coming soon!  (Now a small boy is up again demanding attention - it's always iffy if he falls asleep before 6pm at night, always means that he'll be up again by 8pm and doesn't go back to bed until at least 9pm.  Being Human is on tonight so 9pm is the watershed.)

There are two more prepared bases to decorate and make into something luscious and they'll maybe get done this week too if I get my way, although as it's half-term there's always a possibility that they won't!

And after half-term?  I plan to show you how I will make this heap of loveliness into a headdress.  Let's hope I can get some good pictures :)

I'm waiting with bated breath for some new feathers to arrive.  The ones I want just aren't available in the UK at all, and in particular I cannot find the dyed ones I'm after here, so they're being shipped from Canada.  I have spent hours sourcing them and am happy that I'm getting what I want at the best possible price (thanks to the  wonders of the Net).  So you can expect more feathered earrings and hair accessories soon. 

(Wonders will never cease, small boy has just taken himself to bed....)

And lastly, the full moon on Friday brought me computer problems aplenty.  With the help of some tweaks from a friend (thank you again!) and a couple of new programmes to help eliminate the pesky problems I *think* things are back to normal.  Shocking really how distressing it is to be without the Net now.  What, can't email anyone, have to phone people up?  Well, that's do-able obviously, but what about everything else a person does with the aid of their magical box?  I was pretty distraught at the thought of losing every thing but had luckily backed most things up recently so it wouldn't have been a total disaster is it had all gone really pear-shaped.


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