Sunday, 13 February 2011

Being Human

My adoration of the BBC Three series Being Human continues unabated. 

Consistently superb writing is the mainstay of this series.  After the actor substitutions of the pilot, the casting is sublime.  Each character is believable and my empathy remains with all involved.

If you are unfamiliar with this series and a pocket of darkness and humour exists within you, then I urge you to watch.  Darkness because ultimately this is about a vampire, a ghost and a pair of werewolves.  Humour because, well, it's funny.  When it wants to be.  Tonight I actually bit my hand (didn't draw blood, I'm not THAT dark) during my involvement with the stories and emotions that unfolded.

It's quite possible that the vampire, (John) Mitchell is the easiest character to write.   ?    The tortured vampire; tortured by his nature and the blood-lust and the absolute need to explore every avenue, even those not offered, is something of a theme in horror writing.  But I feel that the characterization is fresh and compelling, and so extremely watchable.

George and Nina the werewolves display the most human qualities throughout, but their (doggily) pragmatic natures are always thrown against the wall and smashed when faced with the monthly ordeal/need to submit to the will of nature. 

And Annie the ghost?  Lonely and needy and so so cheerful in the face of adversity (yes, even ghosts face adversity), holding back even the mention of the terrible ordeal she went through in Purgatory, that none of us but her have experienced.  Trying to cling onto "life" through a relationship that is perfect and challenged and doomed. 

I think I love everything about it.

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