Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Having a clear-out

You know how it is, there comes a point when you really do have to let go of items from the stash of belly dance costumes that accumulate.

Why do we keep it all?  Even when it doesn't fit properly, or isn't a colour that suits?  I think it's just that magpie in us all, the one that loves the shiny, sparkling twinkly things.  And there's an element of, "Oh, yes, I could wear that with....." and the conversation you have with yourself about MAKING it work.

The good thing is that as a beginner belly dancer you can have a large amount of stuff and if you shop carefully you can get it for fantastic prices.

My problem is that I now have so many boxes and bags of fabrics, feathers, rhinestones, beads, jewellery and other twinkly things that I just have to make some space.

I'm now finally getting around to taking some pictures of what I have and putting it up on my belly dance website (as opposed to my costuming site which is about tribal and fusion costuming).  Nearly all of the items are for beginners and all of them are in very good condition, and most of it is cabaret sparkly stuff.  When I get around to moving on the tribal and fusion items they can go on the other website.

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