Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I am still here, honest....

Dear followers....please forgive my silence these last couple of weeks but I've been a busy bunny.

I'm honestly not going to bang on about how hard being a single parent is because trust me, being one parent/adult alone with your dearly loved children (despite the challenges) is so much better than being part of a couple when one adult abdicates their responsibilities.......let's just say that it's been a challenging week but we're more than half-way through it.

Dance-wise, classes are well attended which is nice and I am working on a choreography for the troupe I dance with and now just have the small task of sorting out a piece of hair-raising music for myself.  Once that's done I need to make a costume and actually work on a dance structure for it.  I may have a new class to take over and in the next week I have two hour long classes to give to absolute complete beginners in two very different settings; one in a pub, raising money for a good cause, one at an event for people with disabilities.  I'm looking forward to both and hopefully won't disappoint.

Jewellery...I'm emptying out my Etsy shop as I want to move in a new direction.  I am spending far too many hours looking at/lusting after/reading up/trying out/playing with.......ooooh, that's not messing around is it?  That's Research & Development.  Excellent.  I also have to make some Christmas themed things for a couple of fairs I'm doing and I really need to get ma groove on with some jewellery ideas I have.  In my head the name of my new range is, "StuffonlyIreallylove" but I'm not sure how commercial that is...  It does describe what I'm going to be doing though.  Art will out!  I need to express me in a much more confrontational way that I have done before.  I think I am torn between making the things I want to and being more commercial and then I remind myself that I'm not particularly commercial anyway and it all becomes a bit easier in my mind.

Volunteering....I've taken on another task and now my Tuesdays are going to be super-busy but I think that's ok.

In other news I have a night out planned for Friday (OMG, I don't really do nights out any more so I'm kind of dreading it, I'd rather stay home and be a hermit) and have one more Akasha Queen of the Damned headdress to make.

And if you're lucky I'll remember to take pictures of what I'm up to......

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