Tuesday, 25 September 2012


......I loves me a vampire and at this time of year they are stalking for costumes.  I am NOT panicking about getting two Akasha Queen of the Vampires headdresses done by Saturday.  No I am not....... ok, I am!!!!!

This time last year I made a very nice version of the above-mentioned headdress and now Google has me firmly in it's sights so that when a costume lover wants one of these I come up third in the images list.  Now, understandably most people baulk at the cost I quote for making this headdress.  It's not excessive by any means, I know there are others out there who charge more than I do.  But it fully represents the time I put into it and the fact that I make some of the adornments myself so that the whole things does not come it at £300+.

So this year, out of the eight queries I have had two people actually want one, one of them wants it by next Thursday.  They live in the US (well they both do) and DHL can deliver within 1-4 days so I have to be done and on the case by Saturday.  I will be able to do this....I will...I also have to make a Dr Who birthday cake and remember to buy food and party bag nonsense for a party for my 4 year old on Saturday......

And every day the postman teases me by bringing me one more thing I have ordered recently that helps to scratch my creative itch - I'm still awaiting religious medals, twisty pearls, raw crystal beads and.....I'm sure there's something else but I can't remember......I'll be keeping you posted though.

And in case you don't see me punting this on Facebook, if you would like to help me clear out my Etsy shop you can get yourself a huge 33% discount by ordering the things you want and entering the code IWANTSIT44 when you checkout....  trust me, what you see there now is nothing compared to what is coming.....the difference is huge so I would like everything gone so I can make a clean sweep.  (!)

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