Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sneak Peek.....

This weekend I'm off to spend some time with my parents and help my dad celebrate his 65th birthday - actually, his birthday was back in February but we haven't been able to get together as a family until now due to my sister and her husband doing so much traveling for their jobs.  Before I go and get ready I thought I'd offer you a sneak peek of some of the necklaces I've been assembling recently;

There's a sort of Steampunk styling to these pieces that I love because I hope that my particular eclectic style still shows through in them and of course each one is unique and will never ever be exactly repeated.  I just adore to assemble these, adding unusual elements like the mica pieces I've stamped and embossed, and the teeny bottles that hold potions (or poisons, depending on your point of view).

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