Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Long time no blog....

Despite my best efforts to blog at least once a week I've managed to let more than that time slip away from me.

Last week though I was making sure my son was comfy as he came down with a nasty virus that totally wiped him out.  Despite the fact that slept a lot I wasn't able to get much done creativity wise but I did catch up on a lot of house-work!

By Friday he wasn't properly right again but he was a lot better and so I went camping (!) as the trip had been bought and paid for some time ago and I had the feeling that despite the weather forecast saying otherwise we might be in for a spot of good weather.  I was right, and although he was still tired he enjoyed the trip immensely, as did my daughter and as did I.

Here's our tent on the second night:

The coloured lights you can see are all from the 99p Store (anyone who knows me IRL will be able to tell you how much I love the 99p Store) and the big bright light in the middle is a water carrier (from the 99p Store, where else?) filled with water and with a halogen head lamp (£3 from Ebay) stuck into the handle so that he light shines through the water.  It's an awesome light.  Anyway, I was right, the weather was fab all weekend and I'm glad we went.

My garden - hmm......the plants in the garden are kind of okay but not that great.  This is our second summer in this house and tbh the garden is quite dark, it has trees on all sides and it's a Victorian terraced house so it's not very wide.  All of my veggies are growing in pots down the side of the house as that's the place that gets the most sun (ha ha) and even the plants there are "reaching" for the light.  Chard? Hmmm, had a small crop and now it seems to be bolting.  Carrots - getting there.  Spring onions are very slow.....  Peas and beans are doing okish so far and I seem to have flowers on my potatoes so I might have an earlies crop very soon.  At least with the summer we're having so far I haven't had to water anything but the tomatoes.  The toms aren't doing so well though...

Dance-wise things are winding down as they always do in the summer.  Tonight's class was cancelled for myriad student non-attendance reasons and there are just two classes left before the holidays (my children would never forgive me it I didn't stop the classes in the holidays).  Sunday classes have three sessions left and on Friday I teach the last session before the summer break with my learning disability group.  The summer break is a hard one but I'm good at putting money aside so that we don't starve through August!  What has been nice though is that sales have been going well and it's always a pleasure to get emails from customers telling me how much they love their purchases.

So what else is going on?  Well, I am planning a few more adventures in the world of altered art, I need to find some new and inspiring music as I'm totally hacked off with my old music destination since they changed their search format and I'm hoping (foolishly) that the festivals I attend with the children this year will be drier than they are wetter....

As always there is lots to do, lots to think about and plan for and lots of things to try.

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