Thursday, 8 March 2012

Where did two weeks go?

The last two weeks seem to have disappeared out from underneath me....

As well as the usual day to day stuff I've been rebuilding two websites.  The host of my current belly dance site and of my belly dance event site is changing how they offer their services.  Long story short I am rebuilding my sites with another host, tweaking the content as I go with a view to the SEO properties (and no, I'm not an expert, I'm just trying to learn!) and getting ready for the big point and switch.

For the last two weeks I've spent one afternoon each week at my son's nursery, taking part in a story-telling workshop programme they were running, another hour on another day teaching my daughter's Primary class an improvised (kind of) group dance and doing my own prep work for a belly dance based fitness class I am now running on a Wednesday evening.

Oh, and as my next event is hurtling towards me (it's on again on Sunday evening) I've been practicing my solo, working on the group piece I'll be doing with my students and on Tuesday evenings I have 2 hours practice with the troupe I dance with.  And now I think about it two weeks ago I was feeling pretty rubbish due to a virus that was running its course....

Don't ever think that working from home is a doddle!

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