Sunday, 5 June 2011

Purple Silk

If you follow me on Facebook then you will know that I have been wrestling with some exquisite purple silk.  It also has some kick ass embroidery sections that include beading and I feel like I have had to take the whole thing apart in order to achieve what I want to achieve.  But I am getting somewhere.  Excellent!

As usual I have been remiss at taking pictures, but I feel justified in this.  This is a custom order and the silk sari was given to me by the customer to work on for her.  If I'm clever I'll make sure that I take pics once it's finished but you will never ever know how much work has gone into this as I didn't take before pictures.

It's all had a good couple of coats of looking at. the skirt has been hanging for three weeks in order to sort out any hemming issues, the belt section was completely taken apart from the original piece and put together in a more fluid way, the bra is looking hot, and all I need to get started on now are the arm-cuffs and the headdress and then I will feel as though I am cooking with gas.

AND I have had three days out with the kids in the half-term holidays, put up with nonsense from another quarter, and eaten a huge amount of chocolate.  An altogether productive week.  :)

OH!  I am almost at the point of taking out a mortgage in order to sort out a tattoo that needs some work and who knows how long that will be before it gets proper attention but at least I am in discussion with a recommended tattoo see, I get there eventually......

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