Sunday, 2 December 2012

Supplies and Stuff

So here and there I have bags and boxes and tins and bowls that have stuff in them.  Lots of stuff.  Getting around to digging it all out becomes over-whelming sometimes but I am determined to do it.  I might as well sell some of it instead of having it all hanging around taking up my head-space (and bits of house-space) because I find I feel swamped.  Not having a dedicated work-room is a definite difficulty at times but as the weather has taken a very cold turn I'm glad I'm not ferreted away up in the attic, freezing my bits off.

I have some cool frames that I've been wanting to use to...well, frame my makes and my supplies in the increasingly (I hope) interesting shots I've been playing with.  On Friday I was motivated enough to have a little play with the camera, even though the light wasn't brilliant.  In the end I got the best overall colour by taking pics by the window but with the curtain almost closed.  It filtered the harsh winter light brilliantly and I got some almost warm looking shots that won't need a huge amount of tweaking.

Teeny antique keys

The Art Deco buckle necklace - I want to retake pics of all of the assemblage items I currently have in the shop because their current coldness when I look at them makes me wince....

Buddha amulet - I have a few of these and I shall play with a couple and will sell the others.  These are a kind of two-in-one item to my mind - liberate the Buddha and use him in one piece and then use the box frame for a second item.....

Elytra beetle wings - I love these things, they have such an awesome blue green sheen and to start with I struggled to capture the intensity of them.  The light is so harsh in this house sometimes that it's hard to capture colours so I played around with closing the curtain and shazaam!

This one's a little cool so I shall I have to tweak this one before I post the listing.  But I have heaps of these sew-on stones and they're glass so they're really substantial.  I need to try and take some better shots of these because the light that bounces off of them is awesome and this pics is a little meh.....

Another shot of the keys but this time it's to showcase the beautiful Zeigfried Follies girl in the photo.  She's fabulous - I think I want to be her.

And a pouch necklace shot - as I say, I want to re-shoot all my assemblage jewellery pieces and luckily, with the shop being not as full as it could be this is a good time to do it.  I love the pieces I have and really want them to look their sumptuous best.

I've got lots more shots to sort out, a little warming up here and there, file sizes to decrease etc and then lots and lots more product to take pictures of and I'm going to aim to get it ll done before Christmas.  Hah, wish me luck!

But before I get started with that I'm going to sit down with a brew and have me a mooch around the Handmade Monday blog.


  1. You photographs are lovely and show of the pieces to their best. Fancy popping over and giving me a few tips ;-)

  2. I love your photography style....brings out the best in your pieces....Have a great week xx

  3. oooh these are gorgeous!! you're really making me want to brush up on my own photography skills.. :)

    I particularly like your fist shot of the keys and also the art deco buckle necklace, they have such a warm romantic charm x

  4. Great photos. I too love the lady. Can we bring back the techniques they used as they all look so serene....

  5. The pictures are so good and set off all your treasures perfectly, love the vintage style

  6. Love your pictures - they are very good !


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