Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Websites - the light at the end of the tunnel

I'm coming to the end - well sort of.  Websites should never really be "finished" should they?  They should always be a kind of work in progress.

If you've followed my previous entries then you'll know I've been working on three websites recently.  One is my Blackwillowtribal website where I showcase things I have made and sold and directing potential shoppers to my Etsy shop.  I'd previously let this one go due to the cost of my previous hosting but when I hunted about to check where I was linked I realised that I was linked by quite a few big websites that garner a lot of traffic.  So I reinstated the website after building it with Weebly.

The second website was my belly dance site where I advertise my classes.  It needed an update and the web host (different to Blackwillowtribal) was shutting down the service and although they were offering an alternative I was going to have to rebuild the whole thing anyway so I wandered over to Weebly again.  I love the Weebly interface and think that the things I can do with it are fairly fabulous for a free website.

Third and last is the Hipnotic website.  Hipnotic is a belly dance night I run with two dance colleagues.  We've been running it for three years come July this year and to be honest although we only just about break even we love doing it.  It's a great night out for anyone who loves belly dance and for non-dancers alike and this is something we have worked hard to achieve.  Anyway, same as my dance site, I needed to rebuild the whole thing and so another Weebly site was born.

All three need some links work doing/building and all three will have extra info and articles added as I source and write them but this is part of that on-going work I talked about earlier.  If Google loves new content then new content Google will get.  But I'm happy with how they look and that's got to be good.

And so, link building begins and then I really need to get a wiggle on and start making new things, take some awesome photographs and most of all get selling.  I shall also be going over to Handmade Monday to check out what everyone else has been doing as it's always inspirational.  Have a good week all and I hope the sun will be shining where you are.


  1. Bet your belly dance classes are great fun. Good luck with your web sites.

  2. Three websites all at once is a lot of work - a big pat on the back there!! You're right, they're never finished, but it's good when the bulk of the "setting up" work is out of the way!

  3. Good luck on getting all your sites up and running-sounds like a lot of hard work to me!

  4. 3 sites not surprised it has taken you so long and no websites are never finished an on going project but as Wendy says you have got the worst bit over juts onwards and upwards now

  5. Well done with all the hard work on your websites - nearing the big sigh of relief stage? It's good you are pleased with them, often half the battle is what we feel about them - we tend to be ultra-critical about our own work, cant; we? I know what you mean about websites never really being finished, I just need to kick myself every day to finish mine. Hope you have a good week.

  6. Sounds like such a lot of work, I know how long it took my to design a simple blog. Congrats on your three sites!

  7. You sound quite busy with the websites. I know I can get so busy online I don't get anything else done. But the, you can relax with the dancing! Good thing. :)

    1. :D Belly dance is far from relaxing sometimes but I know what you mean!

  8. Ohh busy busy Looks like weebly has done good things for you :) and you have done good things with weebly.


  9. Gosh, you have 3 and I haven't got around to doing one yet. Good luck with it all, it all sounds exhausting but fun.

    Jan :)

  10. Would love to give belly dancing a try, it looks so much fun.
    Well done having the websites, I haven't got myself organised enough to have just one.


  11. Three websites at the same time - you can really multitask or should that be multiIT!
    Have a great Easter.
    Jo x

  12. Thanks for popping over to my blog, thought I would return the favour. I love reading about what everyone is doing but fitting all this blogging in takes some doing. Just had a look at your previous post and love the stall. It looks very enticing! You make some really lovely things by the look of it. Good luck with the websites.


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